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La Rinconada

La Rinconada is a small mining town which is the highest permanent settlement in the world, located in the Andean Mountains that are [...]


Quilotoa is a small caldera which is filled with water, located on the Andes Mountains in the Cotopaxi Province of the Republic of [...]

Laguna Garzón Bridge

The Laguna Garzón Bridge is a famous bridge which has an unusual circular shape, located next to the village of Garzón, in the [...]

Saint George’s Cathedral

Saint George’s Cathedral is an impressive Anglican cathedral that is located in the capital and also largest city on the Co-operative Republic of [...]

Îles du Salut

Îles du Salut, or as commonly known by their English name the Salvation Islands, are a group of three small islands of volcanic [...]

Palacio Quemado

Palacio Quemado, also known as the Presidential Palace, is the name for the official building in which the Government of the Plurinational State [...]

Solís Theatre

Solís Theatre is one of the most important and also renowned theater that is located in the capital city of the Oriental Republic [...]


Darwin is a small settlement which occasionally is known as Port Darwin, and it is located on the Lafonia Peninsula, which forms the [...]


Tafelberg, when translated from Dutch literally means Table Mountain, is one of the highest mountains that can be found in the South American [...]

Mount Belinda

Mount Belinda is a stratovolcano that is located on the Montagu Island in the sub-Antarctic Scotia Sea, which is part of the group [...]