The large oceanic area where islands are spread like pearls

Mount John University Observatory

Mount John University Observatory is a world-renowned astronomical observatory that is located in the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve, more precisely on [...]

To Sua Ocean Trench

To Sua Ocean Trench is a geological formation that is located in the vicinity of the village of Lotofaga, in the southern part [...]

Hamilton Gardens

The Hamilton Gardens are a unique botanical destination that is located in the heart of the local government region of Waikato, on the [...]

Hopetoun Falls

Hopetoun Falls is an amazing waterfall that is nestled within the Great Otway National Park, just a short drive from the small town [...]

Lake Marian

Lake Marian is a picturesque alpine lake which is located at the southern end of the imposing Darran Mountains, which are part of [...]

Chuuk Lagoon

The Chuuk Lagoon, formerly known as Truk Atoll, is an important atoll that is located in the central part of the Pacific Ocean, [...]

Hobbiton Movie Set

The Hobbiton Movie Set, located in Matamata, New Zealand, is a breathtakingly beautiful and immersive movie set that was created for the filming [...]

Pelverata Falls

Pelverata Falls is a very tall waterfall which is said to be an astounding 114 m (374 ft) in height, and it is [...]

Mount Ngauruhoe

Mount Ngauruhoe is an active stratovolcano which is considered to be the youngest vent in the Tongariro Volcanic Complex which is located on [...]

Papeete Tahiti Temple

The Papeete Tahiti Temple is the official temple that is part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and it is [...]

Queen Elizabeth Quay Bridge

The Queen Elizabeth Quay Bridge is a pedestrian and cycling suspension bridge which is located over the Swan River in the central core [...]