Europe. The Old continent

Fruška Gora

Fruška Gora, sometimes referred to as the Jewel of Serbia, is beautiful mountain that is located in the Syrmia Region on the northern [...]

Struma’s Grave

Struma’s Grave is still an unexplored grave that is located in the vicinity of the village of Banica, in the Municipality of Strumica, [...]


Hårteigen is a very characteristically shaped mountain that is located on the vast Hardangervidda Plateau, in the Hordaland County, within the Kingdom of [...]

Elan Valley Reservoirs

The Elan Valley Reservoirs are a series of impressive man-made lakes which were created from damming the rivers of Elan and Claerwen, and [...]


Suilven, also known as Sula Bheinn, is one of the most recognizable mountain that can be found in Scotland, and it is located [...]

Devetashka Cave

Devetashka Cave is an impressively large karst cave that can be found in the vicinity of the village of Devetaki in the northern [...]

Trosky Castle

Trosky Castle is an impressive castle ruin that is located on the summits of two basalt volcanic plugs in the Liberec Region, within [...]

Statoil’s Office Complex

Statoil’s Office Complex, better known as the Statoil Regional and International Offices, is a unique new office building where the employees of the [...]

Mound of Glory

The Mound of Glory is a memorial complex that honors the Soviet soldiers who were fighting during the Second World War, located in [...]

Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo is an interesting volcanic rock that is located in the Municipality of Tejeda, at the center of the island of Gran [...]


Strombolicchio is a small volcanic sea stack that is located in the vicinity of the bigger island of Stromboli, which is part of [...]