Europe. The Old continent

House of Soviets

The House of Soviets, better known as Dom Sovietov, is an unoccupied brutalist building which is located in the center of Kaliningrad, in [...]

Soroca Fort

Soroca Fort is a very old historic fort which is located in the city of Soroca in the northern part of the Republic [...]


Yenidze is an old factory building that was producing cigarettes, and it is located in the city of Dresden in the Federal Republic [...]

Fort Grey

Fort Grey, also known as the “Cup and Saucer”, is a small and unqie defensive fortification which is located on a tidal rock [...]

Mud Volcanoes

The Mud Volcanoes are an interesting phenomenon which can be found within the coastal area of the Republic of Azerbaijan, however, most of [...]

Thiepval Memorial

The Thiepval Memorial, better known as the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme, is an important war memorial which is dedicated [...]

Kerið Crater Lake

Kerið Crater Lake, also known by its Anglicized name Kerid, is an impressive volcanic crater lake which is located in the Grímsnes fissure [...]

Bojnice Castle

Bojnice Castle is a big medieval castle which is located in the historical town that has the same name, within the central part [...]

Garabit Viaduct

The Garabit Viaduct is an impressive railway arch bridge which was once considered to be among the largest and highest railway arch bridges [...]

Baljenac Island

Baljenac Island, sometimes written as Bavljenac, is a very small island that can be found in the Šibenik archipelago on the Dalmatian Coast [...]