Khor Virap

The Khor Virap is a very old monastery that is located on the Ararat plain within the Ararat Province of the Republic of [...]

Geghard Monastery

Geghard Monastery is a very old, medieval monastery, partially carved out of the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs, and it is located in [...]

Etchmiadzin Cathedral

Etchmiadzin Cathedral is an old Armenian cathedral which is located in the city of Vagharshapat in the Armavir Province of the Republic of [...]

Karen Demirchyan Complex

Karen Demirchyan Complex, which has the official name Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex, is a large sports and concerts complex dominating the [...]

Garni Temple

The Temple of Garni is one of the oldest sights in Armenia worth to be seen once in a lifetime and almost anyone [...]