Europe. The Old continent

Triton Fountain

The Triton Fountain is a bronze fountain and also one of the most known landmarks of the capital city of the Republic of [...]

Einstein Tower

The Einstein Tower, also known as Einsteinturm, is an astrophysical observatory which is located in the Albert Einstein Science Park in the city [...]

Undredal Stave Church

Undredal Stave Church is the smallest stave church in Northern Europe located in a small hidden village deep in the Aurlandsfjorden, which is [...]


The Hvalsneskirkja, better known as Hvalsnes Church, is a small church that is located in the settlement of Hvalsnes on the Reykjanes Peninsula, [...]

Ivan the Great Bell Tower

The Ivan the Great Bell Tower is the tallest tower among the buildings that are located in the Kremlin complex, which is in [...]


The Derzhprom, as it is known in Ukrainian, and Gosprom in Russian, is a governmental building that is located on Freedom Square in [...]

Wrocław Water Tower

The Wrocław Water Tower is a historic structure that today serves as a monument, located in the southern part of the city of [...]

MMM Corones

The MMM Corones, otherwise known as Messner Mountain Museum – Corones, is the last museum of the MMM museum network, that is located [...]

Torre Galatea

Torre Galatea, also known as Torre Gorgot, is a unique building that serves as a museum and also the burial place of the [...]

Gosplan Garage

The Gosplan Garage is a building that serves as a garage and repair shop for vehicles, located on the outskirts of the capital [...]

Grodno Drama Theater

The Grodno Drama Theater, sometimes called as Regional Drama Theater of Grodno, is the official seat of the theather that is located on [...]

Bolwoningen Houses

The Bolwoningen Houses are unique spherical houses that constitute an experimental housing project, located between the Bollenveld Street and an artificial channel among [...]