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San Salvador Volcano

The San Salvador Volcano, also known as Quezaltepeque or El Boquerón, is a stratovolcano which is quite easy to recognize since it is [...]

Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca is an archaeological site that dates back from the pre-Columbian Maya civilization, and it is located in the Municipality of Chalchuapa [...]

National Palace

The National Palace, also known as Palácio Nacional de El Salvador, is a reconstructed palace that serves as a great landmark in the [...]

Santa Ana Volcano

The Santa Ana Volcano, also known as Ilamatepec, is a large stratovolcano which is among the highest peaks that can be found in [...]

Joya de Cerén

Joya de Cerén is an archaeological site which is located in La Libertad Department, of the Central American Republic of El Salvador. It [...]


Tazumal is an important Pre-Colombian Maya archeological site located in Chalchuapa, El Salvador and it is the most important and extensively restored Maya [...]