Seodaemun Prison

Seodaemun Prison, also known as Seodaemun Prison History Hall, is a former prison complex which nowadays serves as a museum which is located [...]

Kuang Si Falls

The Kuang Si Falls, sometimes spelled as Kuang Xi, is a three tiered spectacular waterfall which is located in the vicinity of the [...]

Shah Mosque

The Shah Mosque, also known as the Soltāni Mosque and sometimes as Imam Mosque, is a very interesting mosque which is located in [...]

Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor is a distinctive mountain that is considered to be the place where certain historic events took place, and it is located [...]


Katara is a cultural village which is purposely built in order to show the importance and richness of the culture the State of [...]

Tabiat Bridge

The Tabiat Bridge, sometimes written as Tabi’at Bridge, is known as the largest pedestrian bridge that can be found in the capital city [...]

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a prominent religious structure which is the biggest one that can be found in the capital city of the [...]

National Martyrs’ Memorial

The National Martyrs’ Memorial, better known locally as Jatiyo Smriti Soudho, is an important national monument that can be found in the district [...]

Taung Kalat Monsatery

Taung Kalat Monsatery, better known as Mount Popa, is a very picturesque Buddhist monastery that is located on top of a volcanic plug [...]

Royal Regalia Museum

The Royal Regalia Museum is a museum that houses the regalia of the Sultan and the royalty together with commemorations of the Silver [...]

Namantar Shahid Smarak

The Namantar Shahid Smarak, also known by its English name as Name Change Martyrdom Memorial, is a large and very important memorial sculpture, [...]

Nur-Astana Mosque

The Nur-Astana Mosque is a newly built modern mosque that is located in the capital city of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana. Considered [...]