Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are an interesting geological formation that can be seen in the island Province of Bohol, which is part of the [...]

Evpaty Kolovrat Monument

The Evpaty Kolovrat Monument is an equestrian statue that is located in the northern part of the largest city and administrative center of [...]

Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are a group of geoglyphs that are etched into the desert sands of the Nazca Desert within the southern part [...]

Mount John University Observatory

Mount John University Observatory is a world-renowned astronomical observatory that is located in the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve, more precisely on [...]

Andicuri Beach

Andicuri Beach is not a well-known beach and bay which is nestled on the rugged northeastern coast of the constituent country of the [...]

Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a Gothic Revival castle-style mansion and garden that is located in midtown Toronto, in the Province of Ontario, within the [...]

Maloti-Drakensberg Park

The Maloti-Drakensberg Park is a combination of two other parks that create a mesmerizing place that is considered to be one of the [...]

Imam Husayn Shrine

The Imam Husayn Shrine is a historic mosque and burial site of the third Imam of Shia Islam, Husayn ibn Ali, which is [...]

Keturiasdešimt Totorių

Keturiasdešimt Totorių, also known by the English name Forty Tatars, is a very unique village that is part of the Pagiriai Eldership in [...]

To Sua Ocean Trench

To Sua Ocean Trench is a geological formation that is located in the vicinity of the village of Lotofaga, in the southern part [...]


Caracol is an ancient archaeological site that once was part of the Maya civilization, and it is located in the western part of [...]