The large oceanic area where islands are spread like pearls


Tabuaeran, also known as Fanning Atoll, is a small atoll which is part of the Line Islands in the Central Pacific Ocean, and [...]

Pancake Rocks

The Pancake Rocks, sometimes referred to as the Pinakaiki Pancake Rock Formation, is a popular geological landscape site which is located in the [...]

Tonnachau Mountain

Tonnachau Mountain, sometimes spelled as Tonachau and Tonaachaw, is a prominent mountain which is located in the northern part of the Moen Island [...]

Lake Tegano

Lake Tegano, sometimes referred to as Lake Tenggano or Big Water, is a large lake that can be found on the Rennell Island, [...]

Navatu Rock

Navatu Rock is a prominent landmark which is located in the vicinity of Vitawa Village in the Rakiraki Distrcit within the island nation [...]

RMI Capitol Building

The RMI Capitol Building is a building which once housed the official offices of the President and cabinet members of the ministries of [...]

Belau National Museum

The Belau National Museum is an important historic museum that is considered as the oldest one in the region of Micronesia, and it [...]

Sopoaga Waterfall

Sopoaga Waterfall, sometimes written as Sopo’aga, is a majestic waterfall that is located in the vicinity of the Lotofaga Village in the southern [...]


Aunu’u is a very small volcanic island that is considered to be a big natural landmark which is located in the unincorporated territory [...]

Ducie Island

Ducie Island is an uninhabited atoll that is comprised of four smaller islets in the South Pacific Ocean, and it is part of [...]

The Needle

The Needle, also known as Te Rua Manga, is a prominent stone peak that is located in the central part of the most [...]

Fakaofo Village

Fakaofo Village is a very small settlement that is located on the Fenua Fala, which is part of the Fakaofo Atoll of the island [...]