The large oceanic area where islands are spread like pearls

Mitre Peak

Mitre Peak, also known as Rahotu in the Māori language, is an iconic mountain as well as one of the most photographed peaks [...]

Nauru International Airport

Nauru International Airport is the only existent airport, still in function that can be found on the island of the Republic of Nauru, [...]

Koror–Babeldaob Bridge

The Koror–Babeldaob Bridge, also known by the new name Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge, is a bridge that connects the two major islands of the [...]


Leluh is a significant and major prehistoric and historic archaeological site, which nowadays shows only the ruins of a city on Lelu Island, [...]

Caroline Island

Caroline Island, also known as Caroline atoll, as well as the new given name Millennium Island, is an atoll which is the easternmost [...]

Thurston Gardens

Thurston Gardens are a botanical gardens that are located in the capital and second most populated city in the Republic of Fiji, Suva. [...]

Mount Warning

Mount Warning, which is also known by the original Aboriginal name Mount Wollumbin, is an amazingly beautiful mountain which is part of the [...]

Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll is a small atoll that is comprised of 23 islands, totaling 8.8 square km (3.4 square mi), located in the Pacific [...]

Jokin Cliffs

Jokin Cliffs are seashore cliffs made from layers of ancient, compressed coral stone formed over millions of years, located on the small island [...]

Guadalcanal American Memorial

Guadalcanal American Memorial is a monument dedicated to the Americans and their allies who lost their lives during the Guadalcanal Campaign from the [...]

Matâ’Utu Cathedral

Matâ’Utu Cathedral, also known as Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, is a Roman Catholic cathedral and a dominant edifice in the [...]