The large oceanic area where islands are spread like pearls

Blue River Provincial Park

The Blue River Provincial Park, also known by its official name Parc provincial de la Rivière Bleue, is an important nature reserve which [...]

Nikumaroro Atoll

Nikumaroro Atoll, also known as Gardner Island, is a coral atoll that is part of the Phoenix Islands Archipelago within the Republic of [...]


Ulawun is a tall conical stratovolcano built up by many layers of basaltic and andesitic rocks, and it is located on the island [...]

Fagatele Bay

Fagatele Bay, nowadays part of what is officially known as the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa, is a very small but quite [...]

Mili Atoll

Mili Atoll is a coral atoll that is comprised of impressing 92 islands that form the Republic of the Marshall Islands in the [...]

Suicide Cliff

The Suicide Cliff is a hilly cliff which is located above the former World War II Marpi Point Field runway to the northern [...]

Nauru Parliament House

The Nauru Parliament House is the official seat of the national parliament of the small island country in Micronesia, the Republic of Nauru. [...]

Funafuti Conservation Area

The Funafuti Conservation Area, sometimes referred to as Kogatapu Conservation Area, is an important marine conservation area that encompasses the western side of [...]

Avatele Beach

Avatele Beach is a large and very known beach that can be found in the southwestern part of the island country in the [...]

Adamstown Church

The Adamstown Church, sometimes referred to as the Adamstown Adventist Church, is the principal religious building that can be found in the capital [...]

Tolmer Falls

Tolmer Falls is a plunge waterfall that is located in the Litchfield National Park, in the Northern Territory of the Commonwealth of Australia. [...]

Haʻamonga ʻa Maui

Haʻamonga ʻa Maui, sometimes referred to as the Burden of Maui, is a stone trilithon which is located in the northern part of [...]